Saturday, 31 March 2018

Crypto faucets tutorial

In this tutorial I explain another method for earning some money online that is available worldwide, no country restrictions at all. The tutorial consists of three steps that are easy to follow.

Step 1: Create accounts for receiving your crypto coins and transferring to you bank account

For this way of generating money you need two accounts.
The first is a Coinpot account on which you will receive crypto coins from six different faucets.
The second is a Coinbase account on which you can exchange the crypto coins to Euros/Dollars and transfer to your bank account.

Register for Coinpot account.
Register for Coinbase account.

Step 2: Register for seven different crypto faucets

The first faucet is standalone and will pay directly to your Coinbase account. It's called Freebitcoin and you can claim a Bitcoin price every hour worth up to $200.

The other six faucets pay to your Coinpot account. They're a mixture of different coins which you can then exchange into a single coin and cashout to your Coinbase account for transfer to your bank account. I recommend to exchange them into Bitcoin Cash as this is the fastest way to reach the minimum cashout amount. There are no fees for exchanging between the different coins on Coinpot.
When registering it's important to use the same e-mail address on all sites as you used for creating the Coinpot account.
Register for all faucets here:

Now that you've setup the accounts you can start earning from them. The different with these six faucets and Freebitcoin is you can claim coins much faster or you just do it once a day. Claiming every 24hr gives you a nice bonus!

Step 3: Convert all your crypto coins into Bitcoin Cash and cashout

On the Coinpot website go to each coins summary and use the 'Convert to' button to convert the coin into Bitcoin Cash.
When you've done this withdraw the Bitcoin Cash to you Coinbase account where you can then transfer it to your bank account.

You should reach the minimum cashout amount in a few days.

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